Monday, June 3, 2013

Killer Abs - May Meltdown with Ms. Michaels Review

Over the last several months, I've become a new Jillian Michael's work out DVD addict!  I began with 6 Week Six Pack, you can read that review here, and then launched into Jillian's new DVD Killer ABs.  When Kyra over at It Takes 9 Months, emailed me about a final Operation Red Bikini push with Ms. Jillian Michaels, during the month of May, I knew I was all in! KateKara, KristieMeredith and myself all committed to and completed the #4MChallenge, with one of us even completing her work outs on vacation in Las Vegas. Super star commitment status!

I've never been one to enjoy an at home work out series as there are many distractions at home and I thrive within the social atmosphere that comes with a gym membership. That said, these 30 minute work outs with Jillian fit wonderfully into my schedule, especially early in the morning, no travel time, and on days when the gym is closed.Since I began focusing on core work with Jillian, I have noticed significant fat loss and increased muscle definition in my mid section. Consistency is key with all of Jillian's work outs, which is also the major compliant I hear from others regarding the at home series- The repetitive nature of the DVD is boring! There's really no getting around that fact. It can be boring to complete the same work outs day in and day out. Yes her sayings can get annoying. However, the mute button and an ipod can help to defeat those complaints as well as frequently switching up her DVDS. All of her DVDs are incredibly affordable and require minimum at home equipment.
Jillian does a fantastic job of bridging the gap between fitness levels. I've felt consistently challenged with her work outs, and I'm getting results! I have never in my life felt so fantastic about my stomach. However, I must point out these are combination results from my macro diet, you can't compete with what you eat!

Playing favorites: I prefer Killer Abs to 6 Week Six Pack for a few reasons. Mainly, the set up of the exercise program. 6 Week Six Pack contains two levels of increasing intensity. Within those separate work outs there are two long combinations of exercises, each repeat twice. Killer Abs contains three levels of separate work outs each increasing in intensity. Within each of those separate work outs there are four smaller combinations of exercises each repeated twice. This format works at keeping me entertained and from feeling bored. Additionally, I moved through these levels very quickly. I decided to start with Level One on Killer Abs. This level was far to basic for my fitness level. Aka I was hella bored. I only completed level one on the first day of the May Meltdown. Day Two I moved up to Level Two and completed this routine 10 times, before jumping into Level Three.

I won't sugar coat Level Three. It's incredibly difficult. It assumes a high level of strength and balance as well as core strength. She focuses a heavy amount on planking, push ups, etc. Day one on Level Three, I actually cursed her out loud. The Work Out is KILLER. Hence the name. I'm going to continue with the DVD throughout June as well, because I'm LOVING it. 

Which Jillian DVD is your favorite? Why?

Weekly Work Out Goals:


Killer Abs Level 3
5 Mile Run
Back & Shoulders

Killer Abs Level 3
Circuit Training
Leg Day

Killer Abs Level 3
Circuit Training
Biceps & Triceps

Treadmill Speed Training
Killer Abs Level 3

5k Race


Tomorrow- Operation Red Bikini Winners to be announced  Also, forgive me ya'll, I'm about a week behind responding to emails. I haven't forgotten about anyone, I'm just moving slow! 

I hope you had a phenomenal weekend! New month, new chance to get everything right!

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  1. I'm doing her Body Revolution (90 day program) and am loving it!

  2. Leigh Ann, you are so motivating. I need you in my head when I'm feeling lazy. ;)

    I have to quote you today, "I decided to start with Level One on Killer Abs. This level was far to basic for my fitness level."

    Thinking back to when you were at your heaviest weight, could you even imagine that you would ever be saying those words?! Way to go!!!

  3. I need to hang out with Jillian more often! Thanks for the reminder :P

    Love the quote too!

  4. I did the 30DS for May Melt Down, but unfortunately my results weren't what I wanted. I blame myself though, I probably could have pushed harder, ok, I know I could have pushed harder!

    Thanks for the reviews, I've been trying to decide which one I wanted to get and just looking at the box isn't much help, LOL.

  5. I'm so glad that you were trumpeting 6-week 6-pack because it resparked my interest in Jillian. She does put together some incredibly effective workouts! (Although, true confession: I'm pretty happy to be going back to classes at the community center and self-directed strength training). :)

    Also, I'm dying of curiosity to know how many push-ups you can do! Even when I got to Level 3 of the 30-Day Shred, I had to do wimpy knee push-ups!

    ALSO, I just started up a new strength training routine thanks to all your talk about muscle and body-fat and your general awesomeness!

  6. You did a great job sticking with this!! (Others of us...not so much) It's a new month and I'm feeling like a human again, so here's to (another) new beginning! It's never too late to start, right??

    Thanks for joining in on 4MChallenge!!