Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going the Distance, Friday Comes Early

Good morning and Happy Thursday to each and everyone of you! Huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Link Up yesterday! I realize this one was a little difficult as it required participation in another party, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's posts!

Today is my Friday- What's Up Holler! I am pumped about that! 3 day weekends are few and far between and I plan to enjoy every single last second of that time with family and friends. I've got tons planned for this weekend, including my last longer race of the run season. Womp. I'm a little sad, but I've got something extra special planned to document this first year in my life as a runner. I'll share shortly. Think crafty.

Wednesday's evening work out goal was an eight mile run. It's the furthest distance I've run since the half marathon last month. My last 8 mile run took place during half training, and it was a tough 8 miles. That run was January 5th, I've come a long long way in the last 3 months. 8 miles seems easy to me now. No one is more surprised than me.

 I want to push my endurance and speed on my next half so I don't want to lose the longer range mileage and endurance I built up for the half marathon. My plan is to get in one long run per week consisting of 8 plus miles. Training for my next half will not officially being until the last weekend in July. Lucky for me, Sabrina wanted to run her bum off too, so I had company. The difference between a solo run and having a run buddy is light years apart. Sabrina and I run well together as we push one another. When she's feeling tired, I'm feeling strong, when I'm feeling tired she pushes me harder. Girl can keep pace like a machine! We managed a great pace, especially considering we got caught up at red lights for four whole minutes. Dang five o'clock traffic!

Mile One- 11:30 (Red Light Number One)
Mile Two- 10:01
Mile Three- 9:50
Mile Four- 10:37 (Red Light Number Two)
Mile Five- 9:31
Mile Six- 9:33
Mile Seven- 9:43
Mile Eight- 9:20

Over all this was a fantastic run. I felt like I sill had a few miles left in me, I never felt completely spent, and I'm prepared to run with my heart at the Crescent City Classic on Saturday.

 I'm wearing my trusty compression sleeves. These help with blood flow and take pressure off of my knees on long runs. The app I use to track my activity is called Nike Running.

Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack goals are blasting on all cylinders! I've completed level one five times per week for three weeks and it's time to step it up to level two for the remaining three weeks. I can not wait to show ya'll these results. I'm already pleased as punch! Bring it Jillian! I am ready for you!

Next week there will be an Operation Red Bikini give away and poo yi it's good y'all! Here's a clue- give away is something in this picture....

#OOTD- Casual Friday comes a day early! I'm wearing a really old pair of jeans (that I worked my tail off to get back into), and a blouse from LOFT

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What are your long weekend plans?

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meet My other Half! Link Up with Sarah & Kassie

 photo OtherHalfLinkup_zps6a491c71.png

Good morning and big giant thank you in advance for linking up with Kassie, Sarah, and I this morning! Options to answer the below questions are in vlog or blog format, choice is all yours! I picked a vlog for us since we living on the edge- oh yeahs! Mr. Noel has been such a great sport in making his "V. Log", as he calls it, debut. In the video you'll see us doing a little question and answer session of the following:
1. What are your thoughts on your wife's blog? 
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD?
3. How long would you say you've been together?
4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in?
5. Is there anything you can do to inspire him to workout/eat healthier?
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life?
7. What do you like least?
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions?

After the video you'll find a few bonus questions that were posed specifically for Mr. Noel! Enjoy!
Don't forget to add the link to you post below, meander around and make new friends!

Bonus Questions:

What do you like best about the new Leigh Ann? - Melissa at My Life as a Folz
Melissa, I was hit with this question first and it was by far the hardest.  I have always loved her for who she was and will love her for what she has become.  Her confidence is now through the roof.  If there are any men out there that read this you know what that is code for.  There is a direct correlation between a woman's confidence and the amount of money she spends on cloths.  Would I trade it, no. 
Do you know how famous your wife is in blog land? (you are far to kind Kara)
I have a feeling Kara.  I guess it will hit home when someone points me out as Elle Noel's husband or I see a talk about it on Good Morning America.  
How proud of her were you when she finished the half marathon?
I was extremely proud of her.  She literally went from couch to half marathon to in less than a year.  The preacher said when we got married that the two were now one.  This meant that I ran a half marathon too!!!
How have the latest revolutions on Macaroni and Cheese effected you emotionally? - Great Question Sabrina.
 Sabrina, I have read about the latest attack on the coloring in the cheese products the makers of the greatest meals in a box, Kraft have had to put up with.  I have seen many incarnations of Mac n Cheese fly through the shelves during the 30 plus years I have spent on this earth.  The original will always be tops on my list.  Sure there have been advancements such as Instant mac, white cheddar and such, but there is a reason they have not changed the original recipe.  If they go New Coke on my Cheesiest, I would probably start my own blog and move to what ever country has still not outlawed the yellow cocaine.  This was the first meal I was allowed to cook on the stove.  This question has gotten me so riled up, I will probably not be able to sleep tonight.  Thanks Sabrina, I hope you sleep well.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ready Fit Meals & Adjusting Weekly Goals

Good morning! I did an extra post today, I know things are just getting crazy around here, but I really wanted to link up with Holly and Jake for their finish the sentence post! You can read that post, as well as tomorrow's link up post details here.

Yesterday, I teased ya'll on Instagram and Facebook with pictures of my delicious lunch and a experience at Ready Fit Meals, a new meal service offered here in Lafayette. They've been open for a week now, and yesterday was the first opportunity I had to get over there and check out what they had to offer. The food industry in our area is slacking when it comes to quality healthy balanced meals to go. Ready Fit Meals is the answer to that problem. Quick, easy, and healthy! Pinch me!

Prior to visiting the store, I had done online menu research. I knew they served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are several items I'm just itching to try, however the protein waffles really stood out to me as I had been wanting to try them on my own for quite some time. Heading into the store, I didn't know what to expect. I had a few questions bouncing around in my head:

Would there be a sit down area to eat?

Does someone take your order?
Meal selections are made from their coolers based on availability  however, they are very helpful in making that decision and explaining the process.

Do you order at the counter much like a fast food restaurant?

Would I be required to buy in bulk?
No, although it is an option

Would I be pressured into a long term meal plan?
NO- zero pressure however they do have meal plan options.

Is the food any good?
YES! The food was of the highest quality. Fresh, not frozen, and prepared on site.

Upon entering the store, I was faced with a wall of coolers. Labeled breakfast, lunch and dinner. I felt a tad overwhelmed but only for a second as I was immediately greeted by Jasmine. She was super friendly and knowledgeable  She actually complimented me on something I had been feeling quite self conscience about lately and won me over right away. She explained their meal prep process to me, the shelf life of their meals, and helped me select my lunch as I was hungry "right right now". She asked me if I had any special dietary needs etc.I can't begin to explain how wonderful it was to say to someone "I'm not eating bread or cheese and I'm avoiding gluten" and there was no funny look. Is this girl is crazy, no bread no cheese no gluten?! What does she think she's going to eat?!  I had many many options. I ended up purchasing what she had eaten for lunch- the BBQ Fit Chicken sized medium. All meals are broken down into small, medium, and large with detailed calories, carb, fat and protein contents. This made logging my meal in My Fitness Pal easy peasy.

I left with lunch, and breakfast waffles for the following morning. The BBQ Chicken was divine  The chicken was moist and tender, and the whole meal extremely filling. The sweet potatoes were scrumptious,  I want to try and make them on my own. I would eat this again in a heart beat. Ready Fit Meals has an area in which you can dine in the store, however picking up to go is incredibly easy as all meals are packaged microwave ready.

BBQ Fit Chicken

Protein Waffles- Large 176 Calories
The protien waffles felt like a cheat eat. They were that good, crisp, sweet, and warm as if I had made them myself this morning. The waffles will become a favorite for me without a doubt. I could pass these off as the real deal to my husband and he's never even know the difference.

If you are thinking of checking out Ready Fit Meals, run don't walk. The staff were welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help. The food was phenomenal, reasonably priced, guilt free and so tasty. I can't wait to visit again!

Weekly Goals- I'm making some adjustments in my two a day work outs this week. Always listen to your body- mine is telling me to slow down, I'm over training. My last longer distance race of the season is this weekend and I want to wrap the season on a high note which means rest is key. 

Wishing each and every one of you a positive and productive Tuesday!

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Finish the Sentence Link-Up & Wednesday Link Details

Today I'm linking up with Holly and Jake for a Finish the sentence Questions & Answer! I missed the last link up and didn't want to miss out on the fun today! It's gonna be a two post day ya'll. Tomorrow's Questions & Answer Link Up details are below and look for a Ready Fit Meals Review shortly. You do not want to miss that!


1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... Chicken Fried Steak swimming in white peppered gravy with a double order of mashed potatos and Texas sized garlic toast, molten chocolate cake for dessert, have three strawberry margaritas and grab T-Bell on the way home. What? Ya'll thought I was joking about that former fatty business? Sheesh now I'm hungry.

2. On my Prom night.... I wore white, because that's what you do as a Senior in the south, I had turned 18 three hot minutes beforehand, and I felt like my life was about to sky rocket with less than a month before high school graduation. 

3. When I go to the store, I always buy... frozen boneless skinless chicken breast. We eat a ridiculous amount at my house.

4. Family functions typically... involve laughs, lots of eating, board games, and more than a few bottles of wine. Until someone starts talking politics. Then we all go to bed angry. Even though we all agree. It's a little crazy.

5. I think my blog readers... have become my friends. It's my favorite part of writing this blog, meeting so many wonderful people each day. I only hope to get to meet a few "IRL" sometime soon!

6. I'd much rather be..... running.

7. I have an obsession with.... Champagne & Frozen Fruit, The Duchess of Cambridge, Instagram, Shopping, and making the bed in the morning. A frequent domestic dispute. 

8. My work friends.... are forever tempting me with T-Bell lunch. Tisk tisk!

9. When I created my Facebook account.... it was just for college students and it was awesome. We could post pictures funneling beer and write rambling status updates  without fear Mom would read it. Now a days,  I neglect my personal account nearly all together (Thanks Instagram) but Elle Noel does have a Facebook page. Gotta get in that shameless plug!

10. My least favorite word is... any excuse. I'm not buying what you're sellin.

11. I really don't remember.... what my life was like before I met my husband.

12. Justin Bieber.... needs to keep the work out jams coming. I'm loving it!

Tomorrow's link up Details:

SarahKassie, and I are teaming up for the Husband/ Girlfriend/ Signification Other/ Best Friend/ Whoever you want to throw in there with you link up! You can respond in Blog or Vlog format. We're excited to get more insight into all our favorite bloggers!

1. What are your thoughts on your wife's blog? 
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD?
3. How long would you say you've been together?
4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in?
5. Is there anything you can do to inspire him to workout/eat healthier?
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life?
7. What do you like least?
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions?

Post on Ready Fit Meals coming shortly.....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Goals & New Product Finds

Good morning!!! I hope you are staying safe and toasty warm whatever part of the world you're in. To think Sunday morning I had thoughts of laying out by the pool, oh mother nature you can be a mean one at times. Today begins week 3 of Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack. It's my last week on Level One and this feels accurate as the routine is getting easier and easier each day. Even when upping my weight resistance. I did not want to get up and work out this morning. Not at all. Don't wants to a 10. Even once I did get up and put on my gym gear, I was trying to convince myself my time would be more productively spent cleaning something. I rarely get don't wants this intensely, but I did power through, phew! Monday morning work outs are always the most difficult for me, consequently, I think it makes those work outs all the more important.

Last week, I had a goal to run an 8 miler on Wednesday, however I had a hair appointment after work that I had completely forgotten about,  so I skipped my afternoon work out. I know, the horror. I had planned to make up the run Sunday , but after Saturday night's shenanigans, my body revolted. It's important to get in a rest day, I do know this. However, this sin't why I skipped the run. True Confessions: I skipped the run because I had to much fun the night before. Womp Womp. I had to out myself, moving forward...

Two random product finds I want to share-

1. Ulta Tan Towels & L'Oreal Sublime Glow. I am hard core addicted to tanning. In college I spent three years working at a tanning salon where I faked baked every other day continuously for three years. After leaving that job, I continued tanning until one of my close friends found several precancerous moles on her body. We were only 21 or 22 at the time. This scared the tanning bed addition away. Bye Bye tanning beds. I love to be tan, but I love living life way more. Insert spray tanning obsession. I spray tan, mainly before an event, but occasionally  I want a glow but don't have time to get a spray tan in. I'm loving Ulta's Tan Towels and this daily lotion from L'Oreal.  Both are presently on sale buy one get one half off at Ulta. Neither product will turn you orange, they don't have the self tan stank, and my hands look normal. No Umpa Lumpa up in here.

2.Smart Balance Popcorn- I've told ya'll about my hard core popcorn addition previously. It's my biggest weakness. While shopping at Rouses Sunday evening, I found this- 100 whole grain, Gluten Free, No Hydrogenated Oils popcorn. I'm in heaven. I may have purchased 10 bags. Don't judge me ;)

Weekly Workout Goals-

6 Week Six Pack

6 Week Six Pack
Treadmill Circuit Training

6 Week Six Pack
8 Mile Run

6 Week Six Pack
Weight Training/ Body Sculpt Class

6 Week Six Pack 
Treadmill Incline Walk/ Run (If Gym is Open) 5 Mile Run if Closed



This coming Friday is Good Friday aka the end of No Bread and Cheese for me. I have a new plan for next week as I gradually and minimally reintroduce cheese into my life. Surprisingly  I don't miss it at all. Seriously. I've also found I can live without diet soda. Last week I had less than 5 total. Craziness!

Don't forget to link up Wednesday,  button and detailed reminder to come tomorrow! Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful Monday!

OOTD- It's cold out there!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Foam Fest & The Skinny Girl Rock

Super Saturday, action packed from start to finish. Just how I like it, oh yeahs!  Saturday kicked off with an early morning wake up call, I had to get in my last session of Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack (5 Sessions per week/ 6 weeks total). Madeline and I made last minute plans to join my girl Sabrina and crew to do the 5k Foam Fest in Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, some of the people who originally signed up to the run the race couldn't make it, so we got to step in last minute, very fortunate for us! (Thank you for letting us run for you!)

We didn't know really what to expect from Foam Fest. I knew it would be a trail run, I knew there would be obstacles, I knew to wear old shoes and bring a change of cloths (just in case), but that didn't prepare me for what Foam Fest actually consisted of. It was a physical trail. I don't know if it was intentional, or if it had rained on the trail in the days leading up to the run, but it was very very muddy (understatement). This is what I got for saying to Madeline, "I'm cool with everything except mud. I'm not going to jump into a mud pit". HAHAHA I got to chew on that foot.

We waded through the swamp, frequently. I'm 6 feet tall and the water was above my waist in some places. There was a lot of falling going on around us. Although I never bit the dust. Thank you baby J. I was fearful of hurting myself and not being able to run next weekend, I have a 10k.  We came acorss a girl who had to be taken off the trail by four wheeler because she broke her ankle. This run was no joke. Not to say we didn't cut up the whole time,because we did. Our group was a blast! We stuck together, helping one another when needed, and laughing along the way. There may have been singing.  Yes, we're obnoxious. I don't think I was ever able to run more the a quarter of a mile at a time as we'd come upon an obscatle, mud, or more swamp water. Summer's Eve is missing a wonderful advertising opportunity in Foam Fest. True story.

My biggest Foam Fest take away? Challenging personal fears.

I have a debilitating fear of heights. I don't do roller coasters. I don't do open stair cases. I don't like tall ladders. Balconies make me nervous. I would never ride in a hot air balloon. Bungee jumping- oh helll to the no. I like my feet to be on the ground. This is why God made me so tall. I never need to go any higher to get things done. I was able to challenge that fear at Foam Fest. Surprise surprise guess who loves a challenge?! We climbed a large cargo net that I was very fearful of, but I didn't want to pass up the obstacle. I hesitated at the top, and another runner offered to help me over, and I politely declined.  I wanted to challenge my fear. Crossing the top of the cargo net,  I felt like the girl from hat Citi Bank commercial- Somebody left the gate open!

There was a 30 foot slide entitled death drop. Climbing up on hands and knees I never let myself look backwards. I knew I'd freeze if I did. At the top, a woman was sitting on the slide, paralyzed with fear. I recognized the panic in her eyes. Knowing there was only one way down the death drop. I felt that familiar anxiety looking down the slide, and I said to her "You can do it!!" she giggled. Nervously. She sat there through two other people's descent. It was my turn and she was still sitting. Panic was all over her face. There was a group encouraging her to take the plunge from the bottom of the slide. Before I went down I said, "Really you can do this! I'm scared too". I took a deep breathe and took the plunge. It was exillerating to let go of that fear at the top of the slide. Yes, I screamed like a big girly girl.

I couldn't resist turning around to see if she'd conquered the fear. I saw her get off of the slide and hug a friend. She had done it. She smiled and waved to me mouthing thank you. The simple act of kindness is why I really love people. This small gesture from a total stranger was the most rewarding part of the day.

Madeline and I finished the race together. Flithy, foamy, and longing for a shower. Safe to say, we had a great time! Then we made our Momma's proud and changed cloths in the car in the parking lot. Diva status does not do wet cloths and an hour long car ride. What's really funny is we thought we were going to go outlet mall shopping after the race. HAHA. Foam fest won!

Saturday night, Kassie hosted a Skinny Girl's Dinner Party at her house. Insert lots of wine (substitutes a fruit right?!) and healthy eats. She's been planning this party for awhile now, even messaging everyone on Facebook to pick the best day for her group. She served up some wonderful skinny eats.Her presentation was phenomenal. Kassie has an eye for detail and she didn't miss a beat. Everyone didn't know one another, but we all made fast friends. I had such a great time getting to know some new people. I find the older we get the harder it is to make new friends, so I'm always down for social time with new people! We had such a great time, we've decided to make the skinny party a rolling thing switching houses per hostess and inviting more people! I'm already looking forward to next month's get together!

with the gorgeous hostess!

After the party, we met up with our men, because we just weren't ready for the fun to end. I may have laughed until I cried. Saturday = Success. My cheat meal for the week ended up with me eating a burger and frys at 2am. It was delicious. I have no regrets :) Today is rest day. Thank goodness! I'm off for some QT with my man. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Trusting the Journey & Loving the Ride

Good morning and happy Friday-TGIF!! I'm switching things up today and guest posting for one of my blogging BFFs, Holly over at Where We Can Live Like Jack Sally! This is a big huge mega deal ya'll. Holly is a big time famous blogger, and I am super honored to be occupying her space for a few hot minutes!

Check out my post here. I'm going to tell you some more about how I turned all that flab- fab!

Be Sure and enter for Holly's Kiki La Rue Give Away while you're there! Diva Status says Heyyyy!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gym-timidation- A Tale from Both Sides

Gym-timidation. You know exactly what I'm talking about. You just joined the gym, you've been absent for an extended amount of time, or you're totally unsure of what to do while you're there. You have an idea in your head of how you want your body to look. Maybe you have a goal weight or pant size, but you don't know what to do to get to that goal. While you're battling these feelings of insecurity,  you feel like everyone else there knows what they're doing or they're already at their goal. Which ever the case, you've made a huge step in just getting yourself into the door and on your way to forming new habits.

I can remember when I first joined my gym in the Summer of 2009. I would work out 3 times a week, doing the elliptical 30 -35 minutes at a time, maybe do some bicep curls, a lunge here or there, crunches, stretch and then leave. I clung to the elliptical. My life line. My gym offers group work out classes, but I was to afraid to try them. Everyone was so fit, and I was not. I was out of shape, over weight, and deeply embarrassed about my body. I did not want to embarrass myself in a room full of fit people running circles around me.

I remember one day in particular,  I was clinging to that elliptical, and the gym was near empty except for my best friend and I. We were getting in cardio and having a full on conversation. I was not working hard, although at the time, I truly believed I was. The owner of the gym, came up to us and asked us to join her class. I flat out refused. I was terrified to work out in a group session. I was so scared of embarrassing myself in front of the fit people, I didn't want to even try bettering myself, it seems utterly ridiculous looking back on those feelings now, but that is how I felt.

It took me another year and an a-ha moment later to realize, those 30 minutes on the elliptical were getting me no where. I had gained weight since joining the gym- my diet was terrible. I had zero results, because I wasn't pushing myself. Finally, January 2011, I reached a point where enough was enough. My desire to change out weighed the embarrassment and fear.

I started attending RIPPED religiously on Monday evenings, Zumba on Tuesdays, Butts & Guts on Wednesday, Weight training Thursday mornings, sometimes a Friday morning class, all in addition to my elliptical routine. It would still be another year before I was ready to start running. Through classes, I was learning how to put together work outs on my own. All of this effort would eventually lead me to 12 weeks of personal training and learning to love running. Running murders fat. No doubts about that.

When I was finally able to let go of the fear of embarrassment, the shame of being over weight and out of shape, I started to flourish.  I discovered the super fit people at the gym, didn't give a hoot about me. They were busy focusing on their own body and their individual goals. I was judging them, they weren't judging me. No one was judging me as harshly as I was judging myself. I was the only person holding me back. I was the only person standing in my way.

Standing on the other side of gym-timidation, the tables have been turned. I have been filed under the super fit intimidating category. I see others looking at me work out. I know what they're thinking, I've been there. I know other women notice, because they make comments to me. "You never take a day off do you?!" "Girl I'm tired just watching you!" "How did you learn how to put together that work out?" "I could never do that"

Last week, I randomly decided to jump into a class my old personal trainer was teaching, after completing another class, just for a little extra challenge. I asked the trainer how to make one move in particular more intense, and a lady in the room mumbled something about super athletic types- I didn't hear the full statement, because I was focused on my own work out. The trainer jumped on that statement, "Leigh Ann's lost 60 pounds, she fought to be athletic!". This woman stood in disbelief, then suddenly she wanted to know everything about how I had reached my present fitness level. She had misjudged me. "I thought you were just an athletic person!"

I had automatically been filed under the born thin and fit,her body comes easily to her, she doesn't understand what I'm going through category. I didn't take offense to the situation, because I know what those feelings are like. It feels like you are the only one fighting this battle within yourself. You can't see success stories walking around you because former fatty is not tattooed on the faces of the super fit athletic types.

When I stopped worrying about the super fits, something incredibly magical happened, I became one of them. Gym-timidation exists only in the mind. Set yourself free, it's a great place to be :)

March 2012 (Starting to feel really great) March 2013 - The face says it all :)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Turbo Fire Burn & Link Up Questions!

Wednesday! Here we go- short and sweet this morning because I am running behind, thanks snooze button, appreciate ya! Changed up my normal Tuesday work out routine- threw in a 3.5 mile run and an hour plus of Turbo Fire - fast paced cardio, fat burning, FUN!- with two of my lady friends/ run buddies/ party pals mix it all together and get CrAzAy! Working out with friends is just ten times more FUN! Can't wait to switch it up again! We had a serious burn last night.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT my watch. This is Sabrina's watch (my sole sista pace car). She recently bought the Garmin 110 with a soft strap heart rate monitor and is loving it. I'm going to shamelessly copy and purchase the same as I trust her judgement. No better referral than actual use! Her watch had us at 1100 plus calories. Burn baby Burn!!!

I'm three work outs into week two of Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack and I'm LOVING starting my day this way- I'm already seeing results. I'll reveal the abs I'm brewing (Elisha's terminology- check her out!) at the end of the 6 weeks. YES I have before pictures- stay tuned peeps!

#thatPOWER - Rocking out to this JAM!
Next Wednesday Sarah, Kassie, and I are teaming up for the Husband/ Girlfriend/ Signification Other/ Best Friend/ Whoever you want to throw in there with you link up! You can respond in Blog or Vlog format. I'm posting these questions a week early as it gives me plenty of time to sweet talk Mr. Noel into a vlog with me. To those of you who gave him specific questions, I'll make sure he answers those too! 

1. What are your thoughts on your wife's blog? 
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD?
3. How long would you say you've been together?
4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in?
5. Is there anything you can do to inspire him to workout/eat healthier?
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life?
7. What do you like least?
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions?

Speaking of OOTD- Rocking some mint capris this morning! Hello Spring!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

JM 6 Week Six Pack Week 2, Latest Eats & Upcoming

Good morning! It's Tuesday so get excited- one day closer to the weekend! Monday was mean to me, and I'm happy to say adios amigo! I'm currently on Jillian Michael's week two of 6 Week Six Pack and I am LOVING this routine. I'm noticing other work outs that are usually challenging for me are becoming less and less so- which means I'm advancing and getting stronger. Stronger = leaner = toned= better prepared for swim season and Operation Red Bikini! I can not wait for this six weeks to end, I know my results will be unreal. That Jillian Michaels does not play around. I LOVE it.

I'm already getting sad about the closing of run season deep down south. March is basically the end of the line for South Louisiana runs, because it's about to get hella hot. I'm running in two more races this Saturday and next, then I'm out until September. Not that I have any intention to stop running. I certainly do not. I'm going to use the off season to work on speed and endurance. I've got my eye on a Triathlon in September and my second half in October. I've decided my first full Marathon will be the Rock N Roll New Orleans 2014. This means training for my second half will begin July 27th. Hello early morning runs! For me to stay focused, I have to have a plan and long term goals. Right now I'm working my tush off for Operation Red Bikini, but there has always got to be that next step. The next goal. The next prize. Thinking and planning ahead keeps me focused on my biggest goal, living a healthy and fit life. Have you started thinking about your post- Operation Red Bikini goals?

Foods I'm loving-

Kara G's "Skinny Shamrock Shake"- Recipe Here
Overnight Oats- Just a tad obsessed- post 5am JM work out
Friday Afternoon Treat-
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt, Blueberries, Strawberries, & Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup-
150 Calories
Upcoming on the blog- Husband/Significant other/ Best Friend Link Up next Wednesday! I'll post questions for the Q&A blog/vlog post tomorrow!

What are your favorite skinny and clean eats? 

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Race for the Cure- Weekly Goals

This weekend my home town played host to it's annual Race for the Cure, it's a massive local event and one of the biggest 5ks in our area. People of all fitness levels and age ranges run/walk this race. It's a Race I've participated in both as an extremely unfit walker and now as a runner. It's a fun community and family event, whether walking or running. It's truly inspiring to see women with Survivor medals hanging around their neck as they cross the finish line. My Sole Sistas Running group was out in big numbers, and It was so fantastic to see my half marathon training buddies! GREAT way to kick off the day!

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning, got in my Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack routine, refueled and got ready for the race. My goal for the day was to beat my previous PR of 28:35 set in November and I was ok with beating that time minimally. I didn't think I'd blow the time out of the water, but I thought surely I could beat a 9:40 average mile considering how much stronger I've become since November.

The Sole Sista's all started off at the very beginning of the race. Right under the start line. At a big event like this, if you're planning to run hard, you better start off in the front. If you don't plan on moving quickly, it's best to get in the back. My plan starting off was just to get away from the massive pack of people. A 5k is a very basic distance so I didn't have a pacing plan. I just ran. Fast.

At five minutes my ap said to me .75 miles run, average pace 8:10 per mile. WHOA. I was flying. My gut instinct was to pull back on speed ( I would NEVER start out a long run this fast), but I decided to hell with caution, it's only 3.1 miles I'm gonna haul some ass. That's what I did. I ran as fast as I could for as long as I could. The race felt short, because for me it was, and I was so proud to have average 8 minute miles. That's the equivalent of running at 7.0 plus on the treadmill, continuously for 27:23 seconds. I really couldn't believe I had run so fast! This run felt like flying. I know I'm getting close to joining the 8 minute milers on a longer distance. Ideally, I'd like to run my next half marathon averaging under 9 minute miles. For the first time since the half, I feel really close to getting into the next speed bracket and upping my long run endurance.

I wasn't the only runner in my group to set a PR this day. I love hearing about everyone's run times and besting previous personal barriers. Each person in my run group seemed to have a great run this day! We stood at the finish and cheered for each runner. A Sole Sista tradition. My dear friend Kate also set a a new PR, beating her time from a previous 5k the weekend before! She started running three short months ago. It was such an awesome way to start the day! Then we had to remind ourselves we hadn't just run 13 miles so no eating like wild baboons. We refueled with a banana, water, and veggie jambalaya (FIYA!)

These race experiences are so addictive. I love the feeling of crossing the finish line, even at a short race. It leaves me feeling strong, accomplished, and ready to get the most out of the day!

Kate has been after me to read Dean Karnazes' Ultra Marathon Man for a few months now. I haven't been reading much lately, aside from all of your blogs, but she persisted. She brought me the book Saturday and said, "You are reading this. No excuses" Yes ma'm! I started the book Sunday and I'll finish it today. To say I'm engrossed in Dean's story would be an understatement. He's got me thinking about ways in which I can examine and improve my own life. Pushing my own physical boundaries and endurance levels. I will run the marathon next run season in addition to another half. Even with these goals in place, I feel like I've barely begun to tap into what I'm truly capable of achieving. I've been considering participation in a half Iron Man for awhile now. I consider myself a strong swimmer and biker, so this really feels like the next frontier. Stay tuned.....

Weekly Work Out Goals:

6 Week Six Pack

6 Week Six Pack
Turbo Fire

6 Week Six Pack
8 Mile Run

6 Week Six Pack
Weight Training

Incline Walk/Run Speed Training- Treadmill

6 Week Six Pack
5K Foam Fest


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Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF, WW, Upcoming Awesome!

TGIF!!! It's finally starting to feel like Spring and I am LOVING every single second of it. Spring also means that Summer is coming and thanks to, Operation Red Bikini,  and lots of hard work over the past year, I am not terrified of swim suit season. For the first time, in my entire life, I'm looking forward to it. FACT:  I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that.

I've shortened Weekly Weigh In to WW, because life is short and I'm lazy.  I did weigh in this morning, strictly for the sake of Friday morning Weigh In consistency, and I'm at exactly the same weight as Thursday morning. The only post cleanse diet changes I made were two cups of coffee, and 1/2 cup plain non-fat greek yogurt into my over night oats. Miraculously, I passed on diet sodas and popcorn. I struggled to up my calorie intake yesterday, but I did make it to just under 1600 calories for the day. This will be a work in progress. One day at a time.

Saturday morning I have my first Post-Half Marathon race, a 5K Race for the Cure. The last 5k I did was the night before Thanksgiving, setting a PR at 28:35 so my goal for tomorrow is to beat that time. I'm a much stronger runner now than I was in November, so this shouldn't be too difficult. I'm running this one with my Sole Sista's running group. I could not be more amped to see the crew, which is growing in numbers! This will be a first race experience for a lot of ladies and that always makes the experience extra fun and special.

I've completed all of my work outs for the week. I am loving Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack DVD. Saturday morning will be my last round of week one and I'm already noticing changes! I began the work outs on March 10th and will complete the series April 21st. YES I remembered to take a before picture. Stay tuned....

Make sure to head over to Kassie's page and get yourself registered for the Operation Red Bikini tank top give away! I really love this tank. I wore it again Friday morning for my 55 Minute Treadmill Incline/Run routine from PB Fingers. It was much easier this week! Funny how that works huh?

Heads Up- We've already got the next Operation Red Bikini Give Away in the works, and it's good. Real good. I'm only typing this out to prevent myself from keeping it all to myself!

Next Wednesday on the blog- Link Up with Sarah, Kassie, and myself for a Husband/ Signification Other Question & Answer session! We'll post the questions next Monday! Your husband can answer, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your best friend, or anyone who is close with you!You can answer in blog or vlog format- the choice is yours! I know it will take some extra coercion on my part to get Mr.Noel into a vlog, but I'll try my hardest!

I'm flat out obsessed with my outfit today- Spring has Sprung!

Boyfriend Jeans - LOFT 
Blouse - Target
Necklace - The Limited
Shoes - Nine West Outlet 

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cleanse Results, Overnight Oats, & Operation Red Bikini Give Away!

Good morning and Welcome new Elle Noel readers! I am so happy you are here :) There's a lot going over here this morning so let's dive on in!

I've officially completed the 10 Day Advocare Cleanse and I feel fantastic. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better at night, and I'm feeling that wonderful weight loss shed. Oh how I love that feeling. Prior to the cleanse, I had already given up cheese, unnecessary sugars & fats, and white flour. I was however still consuming some dairy, diet sodas, & popcorn (my all time weakness). I followed the cleanse religiously and got in 13 work outs in 10 days. This isn't necessarily out of the ordinary, however, I felt so great this past Sunday I through a new challenge into the mix- Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack, which I'm loving but more on that later (Later = Friday).

I had really high hopes this cleanse would help me to reach goal weight. I've been fighting this last 10 pounds for months now and last five have really been a kicker. A true mental test. The cleanse did not get me to my goal weight. It did however get me closer than I have ever been before. My weight this morning was an even 157, my goal is 155. Remember, I am 6'0 tall. Yap, that's a tall glass of lady water. My grand total loss for the cleanse is 3 pounds. This is a HUGE loss for me, and I am ecstatic with the results! I can't wait to hit that 155 mark, and get my body fat percentage wriggled down to 18%. I'm currently at 21.5% and I'll need to check this again soon.

Do you remember one of my ORB goals? Run in Hot Shorts? Holler!
Operation Red Bikini is full steam ahead! Are you on track to meet your goals?! Kassie and I have teamed up with Ruffles with Love for an Operation Red Bikini Tank Top give-away! It may seem silly BUT a fun saying on a little shirt can really make me give more of myself at the gym. Plus, we all love an FFS (Fit Fashion Statement - let's hash tag that Instagramers!). The Operation Red Bikini Tank is not up on the Website YET, however, you can message Vanessa on Etsy or Facebook and she'll hook you right on up! Make sure you get registered for the FREE tank give away by clicking here and entering the Rafflecoptor on Kassie's page! The winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 19th!

Just an example of how a little shirt can make you want to give more- last night's run goal was 5 miles, but I felt so fantastic I kept pushing myself further out, combining some of my favorite routes for a 5 and 6 mile run. I left from my house and ran to my gym, in a round about fashion. I got caught up at several traffic lights, and got to talking at the water fountain, always running my yap I tell ya, but I really wanted to make the most of the afternoon sunshine! It was one of those awesome runs where I was able to tap into that, I love to run feeling!

Post Cleanse, I was most looking forward to eating some overnight oats. This has to be my new favorite way to prepare breakfast. One I can make it the night before, two it's ready for me to scarf down right after my morning sweat session! I posted the original recipe I used here.

Latest concoction,  Blueberry PB2 Overnight Oats. A-maz-ing. This recipe is packing major protein  gets my whole grain for the day out of the way and is low in sugar! Winning! Additionally, this plays into my upped clean and balanced clean calorie intake goals.

Mix all indigents together, refrigerate over night, eat in the morning. It's that easy!

Guest post from Mr. Noel is a go, with a little twist. Sarah at Fueled and Aflamed suggested a hubby guest post Q&A link-up! Look for more details tomorrow, we're aiming to do the link up next week! What a fun way to get more dimension and insight into your favorite bloggers! I am so excited to co-host this with her! When am I not oh so excited? NEVER.

THURSDAY!!! Can I get a WOOP WOOP!?!?!

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